Online live chat for website to boost conversion x3 times more

live chat for small business websites

Live chat is essential tool required for websites nowadays to resolve simple queries that may block a sale.

As a manager of ecommerce site for over 5 years. I have always come across customers who always have doubts before making a purchase. How implementing online live chat for website increases conversions?.

As a website owner selling either digital goods or physical products customers are always same. They ask simple or sometimes silly questions, before making a purchase.

Even though you may have created FAQ section or answered those question in large banners on your homepage. But still website visitors tend to ask questions.

This is primarily due to developing trust on the website.

Traditional way of developing the trust is via email or call.

Which are not usually the fast way of resolving those question resulting in a small drop of sales due to change of mind of the customer.

To counter this problem, Online live chat on websites, Is the best of resolving issues over few text messages and completing the sale.

Today we will go through some tools which are unheard cheap. But not less in any way compared to the expensive tools that are in the market for providing customer support.

Here are some live chat solutions:

Before we start with the list. I would like to let you know about the tool It is one of the best tool to delight your visiting customers. You can easily integrate with FB messenger, whatsapp, email, sms. It has a beautiful card like interface for a pleasent customer experiance. You can track sales and set goals to boost revenue.

Live chat integration

1) Userlike- A live chat solution focused on delivering tailor made experience for its users.

I’ve tried a number of livechat applications previously but frequently came over pain issues at which they just arent quite that elastic or customisable. I stumbled upon userlike actually put it to use popped on their product and had been impressed by how far customisation is achievable.

Owners specially enjoy the fact you may let users to connect to you on social network after chat discussions.

You can find a bunch of different programs waste this opportunity having a regular “thanks to your own message” note.

2) Chaport – A chat only similar ui and cheap alternative to intercom

The website uses similar UI/UX design that of intercom.

Chaport is criticised to copy from intercom but it gives the users the same experience that a whopping $500/month tool gives.

Chaport has a beautiful simple live chat for websites that should be of premium quality and at an affordable price.

3) GoSquared – A new sales channel for your website.

GoSquared live-chat is a gorgeous livechat tool to enhance conversion in your site.

Effortlessly consult with customers and visitors with all the important insights, you will need to close every sale and make every customer smile.

4) HappyFox Chat – A slack for live chat.

Happy Fox is capable for sending messages very fast under 200ms. Happy fox has a completely different interface than other usual other apps and has brought data from various other popular apps into its interface.

It has a sleak design with good pricing for their live chat functionality.

5) Pure Chat – is a full-featured live chat tool.

A chat support application started as a free tool, pure chat has introduced premium plans making free plan to free trial plan.

You can leverage the power of live talk to link to your website visitors to turn them to clients.

Just sign up for Pure Chat, catch the snippet of code to install on your own site (or use one of their handy plugins), customize your conversation widget, and start chatting.


As i have gone through some of the best less popular live chat tools i think it might have helped you choose the right one.

Do not think twice to implement live chat option it is a necessary tools for any website to increase conversion.

One may think why live chat widget when you can answer customer query by phone.

Phone is a great option for closing a sale with customer but it greatly depends on the executive that answers the phone everything from tone to accent matter significantly in closing the sale.

you can’t hire or expect all agents to speak in a certain way. But in live chat you can standardise the response to a particular customer query in real time. Test with various approach and monitor their results easily in a single interface.

Any live chat tool that you may think that should be mentioned in this article please leave a comment below

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