5 Good payroll software for accountants

Calculating and distributing wages and taxes for your employees has never been more easy. 

Are you a small business owner? Or accountant/staff accountant?

Does your regular accounting software do not have payroll system inbuilt?

Then this is for you, some of the best independent payroll systems that seamlessly integrate with your existing accounts software.

What is the best payroll software for small business?

Here are some 5 good payroll software for accountants:


1) Square Payroll 2 – A good alternative to gusto payroll software for accountants

Square Payroll helps you pay your workers and contractors in just a few taps.

Use the payroll program to export timecard hours, then let square payroll specialists look after the rest all your payroll taxes are registered, compensated, and withheld for you.

Square payroll has a wonderful interface and lets you setup payroll account in minutes.

It helps pay your team from anywhere and takes care of payroll compliance.

Square Payroll Homepage

2) Deel 2.0 – Connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record

Deel 2.0 is a awesome tool.

It helps businesses hire anyone anywhere from temporary employee to full time remote employee.

Deel automates every process that comes in hiring people.

Deel offers a one click mass pay option with customised payment methods.

No more spreadsheets and wasting time on manual work switch to deel is a good option.

Deel Homepage

3) Gusto – Known to make payroll, benefits, and HR very easy.

Gusto has 20+ new features to make payroll, benefits, and HR even easier.

It now offers HSAs, FSAs, and commuter benefits, more customizable payroll reports and friendly new hire onboarding, provide docs, and org charts.

The app also established three product plans, so businesses can select the features they want as they grow.

Gusto Homepage

4) Zenefits Payroll – Run payroll and file taxes, all without lifting a finger.

From one-man shops to thousand-person enterprises, Zenefits payroll is produced to address your distinctive circumstance.

Every Zenefits program contains various advanced payroll features.

  • Unlimited Payruns
  • Garnishments Support
  • Direct Deposits
  • Tips Reporting
  • Multiple Schedules & Pay Rates
  • Contractor Payments
  • General Ledger Reporting
  • Dynamic Mobile Paystubs

Zenefits helps you automate most of the compliance work and calculates and files payroll taxes

Zenefits Homepage


5) Payroller – Free Simple, beautiful payroll web app for small businesses.

This is a great tools but only for Australian businesses. its a free payroll software for small business.

Payroller is one of the easy to use platform that allows employees to run their own payroll system.

Payroller is super easy and saves lots of time for small businesses.

It has a good designed mobile app which syncs all features that its web application has.

Above all its FREE. Only available in Australia.

Payroller Interface visit


Payroll software for accountants helps save lot of time and money. It reduces dependency or cost of employing a full time employee to take care of the compliance and running the payroll systems manually.

Nowadays most payroll systems comes with more inbuilt features such as Hr, Taxes, Compliance solutions to business owners and accountants.

Anyways accountants should use these technology to divert wasted resource to other areas of the business.

So a payroll system integrated with a accounting software helps businesses run smoothly.

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