Chatbots provide real-time interaction with customers. It helps businesses streamline their operations while maintaining a constant degree of interaction with their customers. However, many companies still do not have the machine in place that will make them profitable.

ChatBots for sites are very much like artificial intelligent computer programs which could take on jobs traditionally performed by human beings. These programs can take care of various tasks like providing answers to queries, answering customer questions, and even generating new accounts. Even though this might sound very futuristic, the potential benefits to companies are enormous.

For instance, many small business owners struggle to keep up with customer inquiries when they’re using different types of communication, particularly email. Even if a company does not utilize traditional forms of communications, using a chatbot take over these duties means that a business operator will no longer need to take care of countless phone calls or letters every day.

With chat bots, a company owner has a more compact system that’s free of human error. It follows that employees are going to be able to focus their time and energy on performing their jobs and offering quality customer service experience. As more customers become accustomed to the new system, their business will grow and prosper.

There are two different types of chatbots for sites, one of which is referred to as a text conversation, and the other is known as video chat. Video chatbots typically arrive in the form of online software, which are interactive programs that permit you to socialize with a different website user. Some examples include video games, video games, video chat rooms, web-based email, social networking, and other online activities. Businesses can integrate video chat functionality into their existing web site or build their video chat program to grow their website.

Text chatbots usually operate by allowing you to type in information such as your name and site address. This information is then displayed on a digital display in your computer, so you can reply to any questions that may be posed by clients by typing in the data that they are asking.

Another benefit to incorporating these chatbots is that it enables businesses to focus on building their internet site, so less time is spent on answering customer queries, and more time is spent designing their web site. By making use of a chatbot, businesses can remove the need to hire employees to do this job and help you save money by reducing costs related to human error.

Utilizing chatbots in your website will also allow your site to become more popular. Since it makes it easier for clients to interact with your products and services, they’ll be more inclined to share your website with other people. This will boost your chances of gaining more sales and building your website’s popularity, which will ultimately lead to increased profits.

As soon as your chatbot system is set up, you can get more clients through your website. Your clients will notice how much easier it is to contact your employees and answer their queries throughout the chatbot. This may also result in a rise in client satisfaction, which means that they will be more willing to purchase from you and return to buy from you later on.

As i earlier said that there are two types of chat bots video and text, we will discuss the best text chat bots that might help your small business and we will publish another article on video chat bots in future posts.

Here are some good chat bot tools available as of late 2020.


Chatbot a subsidary of offers bots for customer support, Lead generation, Ecommerce bot and Recruitment bot. You can also build custom bots for your custom need using their visual builder(Refer image below)


Build with drag-and-drop elements or dig deep with their open API.

Build new chatbots in moments with a wide range of their templates for applications such as sales, bookings, recruitment, and more. Drag and drop new components to adapt each to your application requirements.
The visual builder helps you learn effortlessly using a drag-and-drop interface. Quickly arrange the dialogue flow to make precisely the chatbot Story that you need.

Combine dynamic chatbot answers with decisive actions to quickly arrive at unique and sophisticated chatbot Stories.

Recognize important keywords teach your chatbot to pick out crucial information for your business, and even verify that customer provided information is accurate.

Test chatbots from the builder Instantly before publishing. Make sure your Stories work as intended before clients begin chatting.

Work with information on the fly. Build a chatbot that acts on advice that customers provide to save leads to some CRM, add products to the cart, and much more.

Proceed beyond what’s in the box Desire even more tools? Go large with all the ChatBot API and let chatbots to take virtually any action utilizing all sorts of 3rd-party services.

Create a multilingual chatbot that can comprehend the language of each chat and react appropriately. Your chatbot discusses your client’s language.
Generate more qualified prospects, Get prospects through conversations, and qualify your prospects automatically.
For a more remarkable customer experience, offer personalized recommendations, and tailored customer support. Engage more customers with the chat bot and acquire more clients.

Reach out to traffic proactively. Turn opportunities into happy customers. Boost your conversion rates. Sell more products using chatbots and grow your revenue effortlessly.

Open up new customer acquisition channels Automate and improve boost advertising with AI chat bots.

Chat bot Chat Widget to your site helps participate in more website traffic. Insert Chat Widget to your site with a few straightforward clicks and enhance communication with potential customers.

Facebook Messenger chat bot icon connects with your Facebook users. Use a smart chatbot on your FB fan page and delight customers with your speedy responses.

Customer service chat bot for e-commerce helps turn traffic into developing revenue. Build better relationships through real-time communication and get happier customers.

Show your merchandise Display your goods in the right way. Promote special discounts. Use ChatBot personalized greetings and wealthy messages to inform users about seasonal discounts and promotional campaigns.


Mobile monkey site chat offers Smart, Flexible, Easy-to-Install Multi-Channel Website Chatbot

Site chat which unites chatbots and live chat has these awesome advantages:

24/7 instant reply with chatbots to answer questions without a wait time for customers.
Consistently mobile-friendly for users.
Grow leads from website chat by inviting visitors to remain in touch.
MobileMonkey site chat is even better because it’s smart, adapts to the website visitor, and provides options for the preferred messaging channel.

Mobilemonkey Chatbot Gives Instant, 24/7 Answers to Site Visitors.
When MobileMonkey website chatbot is working on your site, and when people interact with your bot, they get an immediate response with assistance to their queries.

To begin using quick-launch bots, take a look at their 20+ pre-built chatbot templates and make them .

There aren’t any wait times using site chatbot automation, and you can design your chat page and menu items to offer navigation to your clients’ most frequently asked questions, as seen below.

Site chatbot on mobilemonkey website

MobileMonkey’s site chat provides your visitors the capability to instantly interact with your brand and have their questions answered.

Create Blog Chatbots with a Visual Chatbot Builder
free of coding needed, you can build engaging blog chatbots in just minutes.

Simply add content widgets from the website StartBot editor.

Website chatbot builder
For site visitors that socialize with your bot, you’ve over a dozen wealthy chatbot widgets to choose from. You are able to:

Send plain text
Give users fast reply buttons to tap (such as Yes or No)
Contain images and GIFs. Send videos and attachments from the conversation

Opt-in website traffic to SMS and Facebook Messenger updates
Drag and drop the articles widgets to reorder their place in the dialog flow with your website traffic.

Smart OmniChat Gives Website Visitors the Choice to Chat from Native Internet Chat or Facebook Messenger.

MobileMonkey’s smart site chatbot provides each customer options to chat in their preferred messaging station.

For example, if a visitor is logged in to Facebook Messenger, they’ll see a Facebook Messenger chat widget on your site. But if a website visitor does not use Facebook Messenger or has been logged out, they’ll see your native webchat bot.

Website chatbot multichannel service settings
A few other means that the OmniChat site bot is clever:

Knows whether customers are on mobile or desktop, therefore providing the best experience for any gadget.
Understands how to take care of first-time visitors . returning visitors.
Quickly Install a Website Chatbot and Use Smart Display Rules
You may also tell MobileMonkey what pages on your website you want a particular website chatbot to display.

More often than not you will want to extend a different experience for people that browse to your Pricing page compared to visitors to your Case Research or About pages.

All you have to do is copy and paste a snippet of code in to your Google Tag Manager.

Instantly socialize with and answer your visitors queries, 24/7.
Constantly provide and optimal chatbot experience for users on any device.
Grow your business by using more than a dozen dynamic chatbot widgets.
The MobileMonkey OmniChat chatbot is intelligent, adapts to different website visitors and provides options based on their favored messaging station.

Begin and build your first website chatbot in moments.

3.)TARS Chatbot

TARS is an internet chatbot platform that enables entrepreneurs to automate conversational workflow from speaking with existing customers to participating with new ones without the need of revenue staff or even a site. Tars automated chatbots replace the static internet landing pages (sign-up forms) to provide you with a much better conversational post-click experience and help you obtain 2x-3x increased conversion speeds from the targeted audience.

The platform delivers a huge array of conversational tools such as live video and audio chat, group video and webinars and much more. These tools can be utilized in conjunction to optimize your conversions.

Tars supply its customers with a complete set of features which can make your chats seem professional and user friendly. Users have the flexibility of customizing their own chat experiences with different styling and themes to suit the needs of their specific brand. Additionally, there are innovative tools such as automation, such as an advanced autoresponder, and innovative reporting for monitoring customer responses.

The Tars chatbot system was made in a manner that’s totally different from the traditional systems which you use in your offline marketing campaigns. The aim is to supply you with a more conversational experience instead of just a one-to-one conversation between you and the customer. The platform has been specifically designed to help companies optimize their profit margins by offering a better alternative for online interactions.

4.)Flow XO

It integrates with various messaging platforms like Twilio, Messenger, Telegram, and Slack, which enable you to make an immediate SMS bot in only minutes easily. The interface of this platform is very straightforward and instinctive; you don’t have to become a computer geek to use it. Flow Xo provides several features that will help you create highly useful bots. There are a huge array of modules that make your work easier and enable you to add new modules according to client requirements.

The platform comes with a wide range of modules. If you are looking for a way to enhance your sales process, you can use the Conversant module. This module makes it possible to create sales scripts and follow up scripts that will automate a great deal of the dull and time-consuming tasks related to sales. The module offers a feature called Inbound Call Monitor, which enables you to track every incoming call that has been handled by the conversant. This feature also gives the choice to record the details and store them for further reference.

A second module in the Flow Xo process is named Conversant Connections, which can help you build highly personalized connections with your customers. The module comes with many modules that are useful for incorporating it with different communication platforms. As an example, the SMS module includes the SMS To Email module, which lets you send out customized messages through different platforms such as email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. Aside from this, the program has a vast selection of modules that will enable you to manage the information in the system and also add new modules according to customer needs.


Botsify is a simple builder that lets you create chat bots for your site or FB Messenger. Additionally, it includes some good integrations you won’t find with other services. Eg you can quickly integrate with Shopify, WordPress and Magento, Prestashop and increase conversion from forms on your bot or let in house staff take over the conversation.



Pick from over 20 pre-built chat bots with intention, entities and conversation flow

Chatteron Page

Easy to Use
Sign Up and deploy an AI powered chat-bot inside a couple of minutes right on the cloud.

The platform gets better with each interaction and as a developer, give only 10 examples to begin.

End-to-end Option
From establishing AI to constructing the user stream, everything can be achieved.

Good documentation to ensure that you don’t need to look for answers elsewhere.

Their platform supports rich material payloads like carousels, buttons, photographs, gifs and videos.

Business Integration
Join your exisiting backend APIs with our chat-bot platform for simple and easy integration.

Start monetizing your chatbot from day one with contextual & relevant advertisement from Radbots

Improve employee experience with AI
Bot Builder
ChatterOn Bot Builder marries user conversation stream with AI, meaning you could direct users whithout affecting their versatility to explore your solutions using natural language.

You can handle all types of rich content answers from inside the Bot Builder since it allows you to connect unique APIs at each interaction with the consumer.


Pandorabots are a advanced chat bot building platform which require some technical skills. With the help of pandorabot you can build complex flow based on your requirement.

Pandorabots Homepage

It is expensive compared to other tools it starts from $19/month which offers upto 10,000 channel messages.


Chatfuel is one of the best bot builder for facebook messenger. It has a wonderful interface that help users to build bots. You do not need any developer skills to design a chat bot using chatfuel.

Chatfuel Homepage

You can use it for free up till 50 users after which you will have to upgrade to one of their premium plans. Their premium plan starts at $15/month which removes restriction on number users that can use your bot. Additionally you get more features such as cart reminders which help ecommerce sites and facebook targeting assitor.


A chatbot program will help raise your earnings because customers are more likely to buy from you if they can talk to a live person instead of being required to utilize a computer-generated program. Rather than having to look through menus to find a website that has what they need, clients will have the ability to ask you questions through your chatbot interface. This allows them to get answers fast, making them less likely to wait around for quite a while to answer their queries. Because the chatbot will have the ability to answer customers’ questions, you will have more time to operate on the qualities of your site, that will result in improved earnings.

By incorporating a chatbot system into your company, you will be able to reduce unnecessary stress on your enterprise and make sure that it continues to function smoothly. You can also be more efficient when it comes to making choices for your website, since you will be able to give a better and more efficient service for your clients and customers, thereby raising your bottom line.

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